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Factors of Hiring a Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Sydney

Commercial litigation lawyers are legal experts who specialise in representing a company’s or person’s interests when it comes to financial disputes and disagreements. Their main goal is to protect the client’s rights and obtain the best possible outcome for the client. In this article we will discuss some main factors to consider before hiring a commercial litigation lawyer, as well as how Lancaster Law and Mediation (LLM) positions ourselves as a leading commercial law firm in Sydney.

Does the Law Firm Operate Locally?

Commercial dispute lawyers work in a range of regions and places, which means some are more versed in different aspects of commercial law. Different states commonly have different laws and regulations; therefore, it is important that you choose a commercial law firm that has the appropriate experience for your case.

Costs and Payment Options

Different law firms charge in different ways. Some will charge by the matter, meaning a flat fee for the entirety of the work, while others will charge by the hour. This will be set out in their costs agreement. It is important to check law firm prices, as well as what payment types they can offer that will suit you best.

Areas of Commercial Litigation Expertise

Commercial litigation lawyers specialise in a variety of aspects of law, from business setup and trademarks to shareholder agreements and commercial disputes. It is vital that you choose a lawyer or law firm that has the right knowledge and experience to best represent you and your business. Accreditation as a specialist is a useful guide.

Lancaster Law and Mediation: Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Sydney

Lancaster Law and Mediation is proud to advocate for their clients in the most responsible and reliable way possible. With a team of experienced lawyers and an accredited specialist in commercial litigation, we have the team for you.

For more information about the highest quality commercial dispute lawyers in Sydney, contact us online, or reach out to us on 02 4227 1177 or 0418 488 495.