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Resolving Disputes Through Commercial Litigation, NSW

Partnership dispute lawyers are specially trained to handle dispute resolution, which is a sensitive and complex area of law. It pertains to disputes between businesses, government organisations and individuals. In situations like these, every case is unique, nuanced and requires a legal mind which can objectively understand the situation and provide the best strategy.

Commercial dispute lawyers address cases which involve breach of contract, business-to-business disputes, debt recovery, property disputes and so on. Lancaster Law & Mediation offers some advice on how to best resolve disputes through commercial litigation.

Act Early

When it comes to addressing a dispute, time is of the essence as there are time limits on pursuing a claim. Contact our partnership dispute lawyers as soon as possible so they can familiarise themselves with the facts of the case and begin working on a strategy.

Business Disputes

When it comes to business disputes, one can never know what to expect. Each case is different, and can quickly escalate into a messy, time consuming affair which takes a toll on everyone. Lancaster Law & Mediation provide expert legal services for areas of commercial litigation such as:

  • Contract disputes with partners or employees
  • Business property and leasing disputes
  • Legal notices for debt recovery
  • Disputes between directors and shareholders
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Administrative review

Professional Negligence

Disputes which involve professional negligence typically arise when there is a failure on the part of a professional to act with reasonable care and competence when working with a client. You may be entitled to a compensation if you have suffered harm due to a breach of service. This may include financial services negligence, lawyer negligence, and more.


Commercial dispute lawyers also provide legal services to businesses applying for voluntary bankruptcy or to help you recover debts owed to you by a person who has declared bankruptcy.


Expert commercial lawyers provide legal support in cases where you have been defamed or accused of defamation.

Experienced Partnership Dispute Lawyers Sydney

No matter the nature of the dispute that your business faces, Lancaster Law & Mediation has the best legal minds to help you resolve such problems with astute legal representation and advise. Contact us online or on 02 4227 1177.