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Common Causes of Partnership Disputes in Sydney, NSW

However strong your business partner relationship may seem, there is always a chance that, down the line, the relationship may sour for any number of reasons. Here, Lancaster Law and Mediation (LLM) will discuss some of the most common causes of partnership disputes, as well as how our firm can provide the highest quality partnership dispute lawyers in the Sydney region.

Financial Disputes

The most common cause of partnership disputes is issues arising from fiscal disagreements. This can be anything from differences of opinion on where to allocate funds to lack of trust on how sales and revenue is being reported, collected and distributed amongst employees, shareholders and board members.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property can refer to a number of things such as a company’s logo, their concept or even the goods and services they offer. These disputes often require a mediator or third party to help figure out whether the individual or the company owns the rights to the intellectual property. LLM is the best commercial law firm Sydney has to offer, and can help with this mediation process.

Questions of Authority

When going into business with someone, it is vital to set clear and direct ground rules at the beginning in terms of who has priority control over what aspects of the business. If these ground rules are not set, business partners can often have disputes over who holds more authority within the business, as well as how the business should be run. Shareholder and employment agreements can be useful for this

Disputes Regarding Overall Business Objectives

Another common reason for partner disputes is due to differing ideas on what objectives the business has. One partner may intend to grow the company into different towns and cities, while the other may want to keep the operation small and local.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Sydney: How LLM can Help

The team of reliable and trusted lawyers and an accredited mediator at Lancaster Law and Mediation (LLM) can help business partners discuss their disputes and work out a fair and equal solution to them. With years of industry experience, we have the skills and knowledge to get your business back on track. Come to us to hire a skilled and experienced commercial litigation lawyer in Sydney.

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