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Protecting Your Business With Commercial Lawyers, NSW

In an increasingly competitive global business landscape where challenges can often seem insurmountable, it is imperative that entrepreneurs build a team around them that can protect and advise them at a moment’s notice. A critical part of this team is a commercial law firm which can protect you in a number of different ways. Lancaster Law & Mediation has a successful track record of protecting businesses in a number of different ways. Read on to find out more.

Drafting Contracts & Document Preparation

Whether your business requires a terms and conditions section, drawing up of contracts, exclusivity agreements or assistance in the interpretation of legal documents, a commercial law firm will ensure that all your documentation is worded correctly to eliminate any ambiguity. The language used in a contract is critical to how it is interpreted and, to avoid future disputes and litigation, the expertise of a commercial lawyer can be invaluable.

Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyers Sydney

Businesses that can withstand challenges and thrive are those that know how to recover from difficult times. Insolvency and restructuring is a specialised field of law which can be leveraged to give your business room to breathe in difficult times and to keep your head above water. Lancaster Law & Mediation are amongst the best insolvency lawyers Sydney has to offer and we proudly align with businesses to help them through their most difficult times.

Commercial Litigation

Litigation can be extremely disruptive to a business. It can cause an organisation to lose its way, seriously hamper employee and management morale and may incur significant costs in reaching a resolution. A commercial lawyer’s aim is to interpret the law and resolve conflicts in an efficient manner which protects your business. If a matter goes to court, your lawyers will be prepared with a strategy that will minimise your exposure.

Preventing Problems

The most important benefit of a commercial law firm is that they are best placed to take an objective look at every aspect of your business and help you identify potential problems before they become a reality. This saves you time and money, and keeps your business trajectory on track without disruptions.

Commercial and Bankruptcy Lawyers Sydney

Give your business the highest degree of protection with the team of experienced commercial lawyers at Lancaster Law & Mediation. Contact us online to hire insolvency lawyers Sydney wide, or call us on 02 4227 1177.

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Discover Who Needs Estate Planning Lawyers in Sydney

Creating an estate plan is the best way to determine what happens to your personal belongings and assets upon your death. While it is possible to create an estate plan yourself and to write your own will, Lancaster Law & Mediation recommends that clients obtain the services of a qualified estate and wills lawyer who can guide them through the process. We also recommend that you update your estate plan throughout your life. Do you need an estate planning lawyer? Read on to find out more about how a wills and estate planning lawyer can help you.

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

An estate planning lawyer is specifically trained to create a plan for how your assets will be passed in the event of your death. They create draft documents, fie documentation, advise clients on how to structure inheritance and update the plan to reflect your present wishes.

Do You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer?

While most people can benefit from hiring the services of an estate lawyer, there are certain situations where the help of a professional lawyer can go a long way in ensuring that your assets are comprehensively protected.

You Own a Business

For small business owners or partners in an enterprise, having a clear plan of action in the event of your death can reduce the potential for disputes and confusion.

Foreign Assets and Interstate Assets

If you have a large number of assets which are spread out across different states or foreign assets subject to government regulations of that country, an estate lawyer provides the legal expertise to ensure that all asset transfer requirements are fulfilled.

Transfer of Assets to Charitable Trusts

Some individuals prefer to transfer their assets to a charitable trust as part of their estate plan. An experienced lawyer will be able to set up these donations while also keeping an eye on potential tax regulations which may arise as a result.

Bequeathing Assets to a Step Relative

Bequeathing assets to a step relative requires deliberate steps that must be included in an estate plan to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Experienced Wills Dispute Lawyers Sydney

Lancaster Law & Mediation has built a reputation for providing comprehensive legal services with estate planning lawyers Sydney wide working to ensure that the affairs Sydney residents are properly administered. Contact us online or over the phone on 02 4227 1177.