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Mediation: The First Step in Partnership Disputes

Partnership dispute lawyers at the leading commercial law firm in Sydney specialise in mediation, a welcome alternative to litigation and lengthy court cases. Let’s take a closer look at meditation and how it serves as a worthwhile first step in commercial partnership disputes, potentially avoiding the extra costs and resources of traditional litigation.

What is Mediation?

Commercial dispute lawyers use mediation to discuss and ultimately resolve disputes between two parties. Structured discussions enable the parties to better understand both sides of the dispute to see if a resolution can be reached instead of going to court. Advantages of mediation with the top commercial law firm in Sydney include reasonable outcomes, cost savings, confidentiality, and the prospect of a continued relationship in the future.

How Does Mediation Work?

Partnership dispute lawyers understand the mediation process and how to get the most out of it, focusing on strategic discussions to take the edge off of serious conflicts. By making it possible for two parties to meet in the same room despite being at odds, mediators find a balance between both sides. Detailed discussions during mediation offer greater context to the conflict and may help each side see where the other is coming from.

Why Choose Mediation?

Commercial dispute lawyers recommend mediation as the first step before pursuing a legal case, as it’s easier and less expensive to resolve issues through mediation rather than in court. Mediation also allows business partners to maintain privacy regarding internal conflicts, rather than risk a high-profile public court case. Thanks to this confidentiality and cooperation, mediation may even lead to a resumed working relationship moving forward.

What Happens After Mediation?

When mediation is successful, a written agreement will be drawn up noting the terms of resolution. This legal documentation is binding for both parties and offers assurance that the agreement will be maintained and respected. If mediation does not work as no resolution can be reached, then a commercial litigator can walk the parties through legal proceedings.

Discuss Mediation With Expert Partnership Dispute Lawyers

If you’re interested in mediation with reputable commercial dispute lawyers, Lancaster Law would be happy to help. Contact our commercial law firm in Sydney to learn more about your legal options.