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Create a Will With Estate Planning Lawyers Sydney

At Lancaster Law & Mediation, we advise our clients to think ahead when it comes to safeguarding their assets to make sure their family is well cared for upon their passing. One of the most important aspects of estate planning is creating a robust, valid will which lays out legally binding, clear instructions on how your affairs are to be administered. The definition of a will is as follows; A legal document with instructions for who you want to inherit your estate, care for your children, and be the executor of your estate when you pass away. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining the services of a wills and estates lawyer to draft a will that will care for your loved ones.

Maintaining Control of Your Assets

If a person passes away without a valid will, they are considered to have died ‘intestate’, and the estate is distributed according to state law. These laws could result in a distribution which is not aligned with your wishes. A qualified wills and estates lawyer will ensure that your will is worded with precision and all the documentation required to legally register it is completed accurately.

Professionally Drafted Will

A will is a very important legal document which requires careful, precise wording to make sure that there are no ambiguities or errors. A robust will must clearly outline the people who are to receive your assets, specific personal items or heirloom pieces. A will can also outline how your funeral is conducted with the desired religious considerations. Your lawyer will be best placed to include all the pertinent instructions required in a will using the appropriate language.

Updating Your Will

A will is a document which reflects a person’s last wishes and instructions on how their loved ones will be cared for after they pass away. Over the course of a lifetime, relationships change, people evolve and find their priorities have shifted. An estate planning lawyer will review your will with you on a regular basis, and advise you if you need to update it, add or remove assets or change beneficiaries. This ensures that your will evolves as you do and reflects your inheritance plan as it changes in line with your life.

Trusted Will Dispute Lawyers Sydney

Lancaster Law & Mediation has a highly qualified and experienced team of wills and estate lawyers who oversee every aspect of estate planning and will dispute proceedings for clients. Contact us online or over the phone on 02 4227 1177.